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It is our pleasure to welcome you to our school, and we wish you the best on your journey through the exciting art of Tae Kwon Do. Tae Kwon Do has a long and rich history. It began 2000 years ago as a form of military training, which developed into an Olympic sport and has become popular throughout the world as a unique form of fitness and self-improvement. Millions of students, of all ages, have benefited from practicing this form of martial arts.
We are very proud of our school and of our staff members. They are among the most qualified, skilled, and hard working Tae Kwon Do teachers in the country. We are sure your interaction with them will be pleasurable and beneficial. We are all committed to providing you with a “world class” experience every time you walk through our doors.
We are certain that you will find Tae Kwon Do to be tremendously rewarding. It will provide you and your family with greater self-confidence, increased self-discipline, and improved physical health.
Acquiring these benefits requires time, effort, and dedication.
At times it may be challenging, but all of our instructors are here to help you with your commitment to excellence and offer our knowledge to assist you.
So please feel free to discuss any questions or concerns you have with your instructors. We are confident that your involvement in Tae Kwon Do and your selection of our school will be a wise decision with life-long rewards. Once again, welcome and enjoy your Tae Kwon Do experience to the fullest!




A native of Seoul, Korea, Master Yu began training in Tae Kwon Do at 5 years old.
He competed extensively in Korea as a member of various elementary, middle and high school teams. Upon graduating high school, Master Yu was accepted to Yong-In University. (Established in 1953, Yong-In University is Korea’s premier school for Korean athletes. Its varying athletic programs have produced countless international competitors and Olympic team members in every sport.)

As a martial arts student of Yong-In University, Master Yu strived to be the best.While learning and training, Master Yu was selected to be Captain of the SparringTeam in 1994. After graduating from Yong-In University, he was scouted as a member of Korean Subway National Tae Kwon Do Sparring Team. He was highly successful as a competitor and held the position of national champion several times.

Master Yu is a highly dynamic demonstrator and teacher. His phenomenal level of skill and energy excite students for every single class. With over 30 years of Tae Kwon Do experience, Master Yu is dedicated to helping every member of the school gain the maximum benefits from their training.


Graduated from Yong-In University in 1995

Degree in Tae Kwon Do from Yong-In University in Seoul, Korea

World Tae Kwon Do Federation 6th Degree Black Belt

Yong Moo Do 5th Degree Black Belt (Mixed martial arts)

Hap Ki Do 4th Degree Black Belt

Kum Do 2nd Degree Black Belt

Over 30 Years of Tae Kwon Do experience

5times Korean National Champion

1993 World Collegiate Champion

1994 Captain of Yong-In Sparring Team

1995-2000 Korean Subway National T.K.D Sparring Team

1996 6th International Italy Sardinia open Gold Medal

1996 US Open Gold Medal

World Tae Kwon Do International Referee Certificate


Getting started is easy at TMA Tae Kwon Do

Our special trial program includes one private lesson and two group martial arts classes taught in a positive, encouraging environment. Ideal for beginners-no experience necessary.